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" Opening of the Restaurant This Friday, June 11, 2021 "

La Belle Maraîchère

Canadian Lobster Festival

From june 12 – 29, 2021

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Lobster Festival Menu at 75,00 €


½ Lobster Belle-Vue, Season Salade and Mayonnaise Sauce


Lobster Quenelle, Oriental Style Sauce


½ Roasted Lobster with Spices

Parfum Jasmine Rice and Coriander


Red Fruits Italian Style with Vanilla Ice


Holland’s New Maatjes Season Has Started


Suggestions for June 2021


Grey Shrimps Croquette, per piece   5,00€
Scottish Smoked Salmon " Red Label " and its Garnish 14,00€
Skate and Tiger Shrimp Terrine with Green Herb Sauce 15,00€
Fish Soup with Croutons and Rouille Sauce, per liter 18,00€
Lobster Soup, per liter 24,00€
Goose Liver Terrine with its Porto Jelly, for 100gr 14,00€
North Sea Fishermen's Bouillabaisse, Croutons and Rouille Sauce 25,00€
½ Lobster en Belle -Vue, Mayonnaise and Cocktail Sauce 25,00€
The Lobster Fricassee with Diced Vegetables and Pilaw Rice 30,00€



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